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From start (hello!) to final completion (we'll bring the champagne) we take you through the experience with ease,

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Co-Founder & Chief Executing Officer

After completing my pre graduate studies at the University of Alberta I went on to SAIT to obtain a degree in Management. Once I finished my post secondary studies I dove into a variety of successful business ventures which demanded a strong understanding of construction which led me to start up VW Works Corp., a general contracting company that focused on smart, energy efficient and environmentally conscious construction which is now responsible for the execution of our Indevelopments projects.

Although a separate entity, Indevelopments was an extension of my core values when it came to construction and development and it has allowed me to continue to do what I truly enjoy. I have taken great pride as a co-founder and partner since the corporation was established in 2006. We have only grown since day 1 but we have continued to ensure that our company values are always in the forefront as we pursue each project and this is something that we as a team are very proud of. With our combined years of industry experience, we've adopted a philosophy that continues to advance our thoughts in the market place: trying to add energy efficiency and modern technologies in every project we do.

Just being on time and on budget is not good enough anymore. Pushing the envelope doesn't complicate nor increase costs; it just challenges one to produce a better product and that just makes us better. We firmly believe in advancing our ideas whether using greener products or better technology. Improved production comes from advancing new ideas. We are always looking toward the future.

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Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Four university degrees – you will have to ask if you want the details. Have lived in Switzerland (born), Italy, France and of course Canada (raised). Carry a Swiss and a Canadian Passport that landed me in an Iranian Prison in 1991. After a crazy trip around the world on a bike through 32 countries and 34,000 kms I was 21 months older (it was not a race) back in Canada looking for another mid-life crisis.

Have met and had dinner with Gary Player and will never adopt his eating habits or try and beat him in a fitness test.

Carrying the ball as President of the NGCOA (The National Golf Course Owners Association). Love Love Love the work we do and NEVER plan on retiring, because it's NOT work its MY LIFE.

Love golf on a good day or a bad day and haven't improved my handicap in 25 years but can still win a match, skied since I was able to walk, Texas Hold'em player who wants to get better, will eventually enter a WSOP event and hope I am not the first player to get knocked out, still get saddle sores from the bike whenever the snow is gone, a painter of sorts -that has lost his paint brushes.



Director of Development

If I'm not in the office, chances are good I am touring around in my RV with my wife and two children, at the arena watching my son play hockey, or riding bikes with my daughter. I grew up spending most of my childhood flying down a mountain at top speed with two boards strapped to my feet, but haven't made it heli skiing yet -have added that to my bucket list. Voted the companies most selective eater, I will never pass up a good steak, and may on occasion try something new – a little liquid courage never hurts. Have a strong passion for real estate and enjoy the challenges and successes we face everyday. Always aspiring to be better, while trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the important things in life. Its not the end, but the journey that matters.



Chief Investment Officer

Jasprit is the Chief Investment Officer for Indevelopments Corp. and oversees all Investment activities for the company. He has over 10 years Commercial Real Estate, Business Development, and Financial Management Experience. He is also the President of CUSA (Calgary United Soccer Association) in which he oversees 8,000 members and 12 Board Members and has a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary.



Project Manager

A very enticing and thoughtful bio is coming soon!



Construction Manager

A very enticing and thoughtful bio is coming soon!



Marketing Director

I spent my years growing up in Calgary, Alberta. Took some time to travel beyond Canada and found myself exploring over 15 countries within North America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

After spending some time in Victoria, BC completing my post secondary education, I found myself back in Calgary after a short stint in Saskatoon.

I am a creative, happy-go-lucky and loud individual who enjoys to create, trips to the mountains, and Friday lunches with the boys at Fleur.



Construction Manager & Master Electrician

A very enticing and thoughtful bio is coming soon!



Executive Assistant

I grew up in South Africa for most of my life, as well as a year in New Zealand until spontaneously moving to Canada. I travelled abroad for a bit in SE Asia and Europe until finally knuckling down and graduating in Finance. However, I don’t think I will ever stop studying; one of my role models once said “Nicole there are two things someone can't take away from you – life experiences in travel and your education”. 

I am a very driven and dedicated person who, in my mind, strives for success in everything I do. I love trying new foods and restaurants and continuously pushing my comfort zone, like skydiving, scuba diving and cliff jumping. From practically fracturing my arm within the first 24 hours in Canada from black ice (that I perceived as fluffy snow), I have taken up snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating (and developing a new love for Poutine and Caesers). 

My life goal? To make sure my grandkids listen to my life stories and think I am the worlds coolest grandmother.




10 years in the Carribean. 47 years in accounting. Dog lover (Punk). Weapon of choice; craft glitter.



Finder of all things unordinary and neat. Can solve all the world's problems with the help of a stiff drink and a couple of friends. Some times I wrap myself up in bows and call myself gifted.