We're not scared of building bold. We won't leave you out of the loop.


From start (hello!) to final completion (we'll bring the champagne) we take you through the experience with ease,

and render services and specs that suit your needs.

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Four university degrees – you will have to ask if you want the details. Have lived in Switzerland (born), Italy, France and of course Canada (raised). Carry a Swiss and a Canadian Passport that landed me in an Iranian Prison in 1991. After a crazy trip around the world on a bike through 32 countries and 34,000 kms I was 21 months older (it was not a race) back in Canada looking for another mid-life crisis.

Have met and had dinner with Gary Player and will never adopt his eating habits or try and beat him in a fitness test.

Carrying the ball as President of the NGCOA (The National Golf Course Owners Association). Love Love Love the work we do and NEVER plan on retiring, because it's NOT work its MY LIFE.

Love golf on a good day or a bad day and haven't improved my handicap in 25 years but can still win a match, skied since I was able to walk, Texas Hold'em player who wants to get better, will eventually enter a WSOP event and hope I am not the first player to get knocked out, still get saddle sores from the bike whenever the snow is gone, a painter of sorts -that has lost his paint brushes.

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Director of Development

If I'm not in the office, chances are good I am touring around in my RV with my wife and two children, at the hockey arena or ball diamond with my son, or at a swim meet with my daughter. I grew up spending most of my childhood flying down a mountain at top speed with two boards strapped to my feet, but haven't made it heli skiing yet -have added that to my bucket list. Voted the companies most selective eater, I will never pass up a good steak, and may on occasion try something new – a little liquid courage never hurts. Have a strong passion for real estate and enjoy the challenges and successes we face everyday. Always aspiring to be better, while trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the important things in life. Its not the end, but the journey that matters.

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Chief Investment Officer

I am the Chief Investment Officer for InDevelopments Corp. and oversee all Investment activities for the company. I have BA in Economics from the University of Calgary and over 10 years Commercial Real Estate, Business Development, and Financial Management Experience. 

Outside of the office I am the President of CUSA (Calgary United Soccer Association) in which I oversee 8,000 members and 12 Board Members.

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Project Manager

With many years of experience in the construction industry, I bring to the table a well rounded knowledge and skill set required to pull all facets of construction together. In addition to my role in guiding the overall direction of the company, I currently oversee construction of all projects, and specializes on the construction details that allow InDevelopments to produce a high quality product at competitive prices.

My problem solving skills and quick reaction time allow our projects to move forward and avoid unwanted time delays. I work closely with sub trades to ensure projects are continually moving forward form start to finish and within budget.

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Construction Manager & Master Electrician

I have been a Construction Manager, Master Electrician & Site Supervisor for InDevelopments Group of Companies since 2015.

I am a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician having done my apprenticeship in Ontario. I have various experience working on High Schools, airports, public utilities buildings, substations, steel plants, residential housing, hospitals and solar power generating fields. Previous to joining the InDevelopments team I spent three years working in the oil field as an Electrical Foreman, Lockout Authority, QA/QC and Pre-Commissioning.

I enjoy spending time in the outdoors snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, camping and surfing but most importantly I love spending time with my Fiance Blaire and walking our home girl Princess Leia, our fur baby.

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Marketing Director

I have been a member of the InDevelopments team since 2012 and am responsible for planning and implementing the companies marketing communications activities.

After spending some time in Victoria, BC completing my post secondary education, I found myself back in my hometown of Calgary. I now have over 4 years of experience in a marketing role and over 10 years of graphic design experience.

 I am a creative, happy-go-lucky individual who enjoys to create, trips to the mountains, and spending as much time outside in the sun.

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Project Manager

I joined the InDevelopments team in 2015 as an Executive Assistant and have transitioned into a Project Management role within the company.

In addition to full time employment, I recently fulfilled my practicum requirements with InDevelopments and graduated with my BBA in Marketing at the end 2018. My previous education includes Public Relations and Communications and I have over 12 years of customer service experience in my previous employment.

Outside of the office I am heavily involved in Calgary's soccer community as a player and a coach. I take the chance to travel  and take on new adventures anytime the time arises.

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I joined the InDevelopments team in May of 2018. After a seven year stint with a non-profit organization for children with special needs I’ve found myself back in the construction industry, an industry that I have been working in and out of for over 20 years.

In my free time I enjoy gardening, a nice glass of wine, a good road trip and leisurely walks at the dog park!